Dr. Christensen has provided expert testimony extensively over the past forty years. He uses his academic, technical and practical expertise when providing information for his clients. Chris Christensen bases his opinions on a personal inspection whenever possible and he reviews all depositions, video, specimens before formulating an opinion.


It is important to note that Dr. Christensen is not the type of witness who will fabricate an opinion to favor one side or the other. He provides an expert opinion based on the facts as he views them and provides testimony as a friend of the court.


Dr. Chris Christensen has provided testimony for plaintiffs and for the pest control industry equally. He has worked with large pest management firms such as Orkin and Terminix as well as small and medium sized companies. Dr. Christensen does not do plaintiff work in the Commonwealth of Kentucky or the state of Ohio because he has structural pest management companies in those states which could be construed as a conflict of interest.


Chris Christensen served as an extension professor for Entomology with the Entomology Department in the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture for sixteen years. Since leaving the University of Kentucky in 1990, Dr. Christensen has built a successful pest management business based in Lexington, KY which provide insect and wildlife pest management services in Lexington, KY and the Cincinnati metropolitan area. He is acknowledged as a leader and expert in both fields of service.


He brings this diverse background, knowledge and experiences to his expert witness when providing evaluation of a pest management issues. Chris Christensen is an excellent communicator, both in writing or in court or deposition testimony.

Contact Information

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