“Thank you for allowing me to speak on your behalf of the Christensen Training Seminar I attended nearly 14 years ago to help me obtain my Applicators License in Kentucky. I achieved a passing score in the high 90 percentile on both the written and bug identification sections from what is often said to be one of the most difficult licensing exams in the country. I can easily say, having attended your 3 day Crash Course and successfully passing the Purdue Correspondence Course, that without a doubt I took away more hands on working knowledge from your program than I did from any of the training programs taken before or sense your course.


I attribute much of my success to your teaching based on your academic background while at the University of Kentucky and your and common sense approach to pest management. I believe every PCO in the state could only become more skilled – particularly with pest and product knowledge, if they had the opportunity to attend your Course. I also know the pest management industry in Kentucky would be more professional as a result.


Finally, I can honestly say that I have gained a true friend and a professional colleague that I can trust to guide me if I have questions. You are always willing to offer advice or listen to other ideas – We talk often. I have witnessed you helping others and notice that you are quick to point out those who have attended your programs over the years and are now successful pest control operators.


Thanks for a great program and fell free to have anyone interested in your program but isn’t sure to call me. I will tell them that it was one of the best decisions I’ve made toward becoming a professional pest management applicator.”


Erich Hardebeck – President
Permakil Pest Control, Inc.
People Friendly / Planet Friendly Pest Management Since 1972

Chris Emery Emery Exterminating Company“The PCO Basic Training class is very thorough and educational for anybody in the pest control industry. I can not imagine what it would have been like to take my license exam without taking your course first. It definitely prepared me for the test. Another great aspect of the course is gaining knowledge from your personal experiences. This is something you can not gain from studying materials on your own. Your collection of insects is great for anybody in the industry, and a must if you are taking the license exam. My only suggestion for the course would be to extend it to one more day. The class covers so much material, I think it would be beneficial to extend the course by a day and shorten the hours of each day.”


Chris Emery
Emery Exterminating, Co.

“I attended Dr. Christensen’s course to prepare me for the state license exam. His course is the most comprehensive and intense course I have ever attended. Dr. Christensen’s collection of so many different pest species is second to none. The course is perfect for those preparing for the exam and gave me the confidence to pass the exam. Highly recommended!”


Kevin Mills – VP Sales/Marketing
OPC Services

Darrell Hurst Laurel Termite and Pest Control“I took Dr. Chris’ class and was very impressed with the amount of specimens and detailed information that was provided. This course covers every aspect, in detail, of the pest control world. I highly recommend, and encourage, taking this course.”



Darrell Hurst – Owner
Laurel Termite and Pest Control

“It is my pleasure to write a recommendation on behalf of Dr. Chris Christensen. I met Chris approximately 15 years ago while a participant in his training sessions. I attended the 4-day course in order to obtain the education needed to pass the State License Test for Pest Control and Exterminating in the State of Kentucky.


It became clear during the sessions that Chris’ goal for the participants following his training is that they are successful when testing for licensure. I am happy to say I successfully passed my own test and became licensed in the field. I do not believe this would have occurred had I not attended the 3-day sessions provided by Chris. Not only did he provide valuable instruction, he also displayed actual specimens for hands-on training and actual practice tests.


The benefits and successful results of the training sessions offered by Chris far outweigh the cost of the course. I can honestly say his instruction laid the groundwork for me and my family to enjoy a very successful business life and comfortable lifestyle.


Even more important than the valuable initial education I received from Chris is our long lasting friendship we have developed over the years. I speak with him approximately ten times each year for advice and continued mentoring. He is always readily available to help when I call and makes it clear to call back at any time. I have also developed long-lasting and rewarding business relationships with several other attendees I met in 2000 at Chris’ trainings. We have all remained great friends to this day.


My technicians and I attend continuing education classes each year conducted by different professionals in the field. I can clearly state that none of the classes we have attended over the years have offered the valuable education provided by Chris Christensen, Ph.D. during my initial training with him more than 15 years ago.


I highly recommend the trainings and seminars provided by Chris with absolute confidence.”



Frank Greer – Owner
Southern Exterminators

“I have been using Dr. Christensen as a professional mentor, resource, and “walking reference manual” for over 30 years without any wrong information. He helped me with my studies as I was preparing to take the Kentucky licensing exam. He is the first person I call with a difficult question or issue.
I have always known him to be honest in his business dealings. He is easy to work with and can make problems understandable.”


Howard V. Langston, Owner (Retired)
Progressive Termite & Pest Control
Lexington, KY

“The benefits to Dr. Christensen’s course go beyond the need to pass the Kentucky LPCO exams. The amount of information given has significantly increased my abilities to inspect, identify, and recommend each treatment that I do, with consistently better results to my services. Above that, the course gave me a structured way to train all my technicians to do the job right and become true pest control professionals. The truth that if you take this course, then you will pass the exams, is just icing on the cake. My score: 84% on the written portion, 98% on the Identification with a big THANKS to Dr. Chris Christensen!”


James Seron, Regional Manager Hawx Pest Control

“With Dr. Christensen class, my partner and I were prepared to tackle the LPCO exam. As I looked throughout the testing room, I saw the look of frustration on on many faces. Not on those who were in Dr. Christensen’s class all week. Thank you Dr Chris!”


Patrick Carlisle, Kyle Martin

“This course was the missing puzzle piece for my family business. Its value extends well beyond the classroom. The course exceeds expectations regarding students’ readiness for the LPCO exam. I passed my LPCO because of the course. Even if I hadn’t Passed, I Would have gleaned valuable information that makes this well worth my time & money.”


“Dr. Chris teaches a master class in pest management. He employs tough love and the Socratic method to get the best results out of his students. It was a pleasure to have learned from him. He is ethical, honest, and knowledgeable. Every executive/manager & field technician should take his course.”


Chris Jacobson, Director of Operations Jacobson Services LLC

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